Not your typical “Tactical Edge Weapons Stunt Class,” near Hollywood!

Swordplay LA, located at 3316 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505, offers different stunt classes and fencing classes, including what I would call Not your typical Tactical Edge Weapons Stunt Class!

Well, just look at those big sticks and those almost real knives! Ah!  Kind of want to make you want to run away, right?!!  Hey! Coach, Conner Hayabusa Bean!  Your face of “Bad Guy” is not helping!  Oops! Just kidding!  Thank you, Coach!  The class is every Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm! (Reservations encourage at Swordplay LA.)

Truth is, Bean, is a  Martial Artist, Fight Choreaphy instructor, and Actor.  He understands how to work with actors, being one himself, and how to work with people since not everyone who takes stunt classes has to be an actor to get some benefits from them and enjoy them.

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Conner Hayabusa Bean teaching some moves to his students! Courtesy of Swordplay LA.

One of the best perks is that you get a workout for an hour and it will be over before you know it.  Cardio, amigos!  Summer is here!  

 Another great thing about it is that you do get a taste of Filipino Martial arts.  Which will help you release stress safely without involving blood or going to court.  Yes, please!  Haha!   

You will learn discipline and will become part of a community.  You will have the sensibility to be kind yet accurate and authentic while performing a stunt choreography that has you on the edge, lol.

Also, try not to do it!  Not that I have done it!  Once or twice! Mmmm! If you accidentally hit the instructor, he won’t kill you! Ufff!  What a relief, ah? Haha!  Let’s just say it is a good thing everyone is reasonable and professional.

Finally, it can aid you to deal with other situations in life. Since you are training your mind to be cautious in moving from moment to moment. It is just so much fun!  The truth is that everything is done safely in this Studio! Owners and instructors, Mary Spohn and Ryan Cook, have set a high bar on safety and respect.  They also allow you to take responsibility because after all, you are dealing with weapons and your teammates.

Conner Hayabusa Bean. “Tactical Edge Weapons Stunt Class” instructor. Courtesy of Swordplay LA.

To know more about the different Stunt and Fencing classes they offer, please go to Swordplay LA or wait for our upcoming reviews of this fabulous place and community!  

Meanwhile, see you Wednesdays at 6:30 pm for “Tactical Edge Weapons Stunt Class” with Conner Bean At Sword Play LA,  3316 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505!    

Edgar Caballero

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