Nickelodeon’s Middlemost Post ships us to the wackiest post office ever

HolaHollywood virtually met with actors Becky Robinson and John DiMaggio to talk about the new Nickelodeon cartoon Middlemost Post.

Our first intention was to ask both actors how they could present the show to a 6 years old. Both answers were dramatically different, let’s listen to those.

John DiMaggio’s Summary of Middlemost Post

Becky Robinson’s Summary of Middlemost Post

When watching the show we understand how important it is to disminish our differences for the sake of a common goal.

Parker, Angus and Russel are different, they don’t have the same characteristics. But their goal remain the same : deliver the mail on time and to the right address.

Let’s hear what John DiMaggio have to say about bridging the gap between people in order to move forward.

John DiMaggio on Working on our differences and growing as human being

Don’t forget to tune in to Nickelodeon on July 9 at 7.30pm to watch Middlemost Post.


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