Manuel García Rulfo originario de Guadalajara, México es el nuevo “Lincoln Lawyer” en Netflix, conócelo a fondo

Manuel García Rulfo es el nuevo “Lincoln Lawyer” en Netflix, conócelo a fondo y causas que defiende
   From creator David E. Kelley, THE LINCOLN LAWYER is the story of Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), an iconoclastic idealist, who runs his law practice out of the back of his Lincoln, as he takes on cases big and small across the expansive city of Los Angeles. Based on The Brass Verdict, the second book in The Lincoln Lawyer series by Michael Connelly. 

THE LINCOLN LAWYER also stars Neve Campbell, Becki Newton, Jazz Raycole and Angus Sampson. Connelly is an executive producer and writer on the series.

Becki Newton, Jazz Raycole and Angus Sampson discuss cases Lincoln Lawyer ‘MickeyHaller‘ “will win or fake it til you make it” (Amber Heard, Johnny Depp, Britney Spears)

RELEASE DATE:  May 13, 2022 


EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:  David E. Kelley, Ted Humphrey, Michael Connelly, Ross Fineman, Barry Jossen, Tana Jamieson

CAST:  Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Neve Campbell, Becki Newton, Angus Sampson, Jazz Raycole

ALSO STARS: Christopher Gorham, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Krista Warner, Jamie McShane, Michael Graziadei, LisaGay Hamilton, Reggie Lee

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