FRIENDS :1 week, 1 TV Show, 7 reasons WHY

Hola Hollywood - Friends


  1. Because it’s from the 90′ and the 90’s are the best.
  2. Because Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe are part of the family.
  3. Because the show shows us the meaning of true friendship.
  4. Because the show already talked about LGBTQIA people, about women empowerment, about work ethics, etc.
  5. Because LOL is not just an abbreviation.
  6. Because some of us grew up with them
  7. Because 20 years later, there are on time for one last reunion.


Séverine has always been a movies lover. After studying film and media both in Paris, France and in California (UCSB), she became a videomaker. Fan of visual images, she co-created HolaHollywood with Dulce Osuna, where she can give substance to her thirst for film and TV.