When the BeatBuds meet Justin Timberlake !

Let’s rock with the Beatbauds ! On Monday, June 7th at 6pm , the Beatbuds, let’s Jam starts airing daily on Nickelodeon Jr channel. It will also be available on the YouTube channel.

In the TV-Serie, the Beatbuds, Jonny and Matty, are traveling to their big concert, The BeatBASH. On their way to the show in The Beat Bus, they have fun and awesome experiences making new friends. Everytime, they encounter someone, they will perform a new song. So, let’s get ready to JAM.

Watch Hola Hollywood’s interview with Jonathan Jonah and Matthew Shapiro as they share with us what happens inside the celebrities birthday parties. And how they got their show on TV so it can entertain and educate our children.


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