Did you miss “El Tesoro” at LALIFF?

If you miss the short film “El Tesoro” at LALIFF, let us tell you that you missed out , darlings! Haha. Well, Ok. Is not funny, haha! Of course, it is not! Especially when the film is starring Adriana Barraza, tremendous actress and future grandmother of the first Latino superhero of DC. Oh! Oops! Spoiler alert!

Alright! Going back to our subject. “El Tesoro ” short film was shown at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival at the beginning of June. Festival that showcases Latino film makers and gives young aspiring filmmakers opportunities to grow and get better in what they do.

“El Tesoro”

We had the opportunity to interview Actress Adriana Barraza, lead actress, and David Rodriguez Estrada , Director of the film, at one of the red carpets at LALIFF. We were weaknesses of the love and respect they share as a team in front and behind the camera. No wonder the film is so well made and delightful to watch. “El Tesoro” is a touching and heartwarming story that is disguised as a drama, but for us it is more than that because it made us cry. Just don’t tell anyone! Lol!

Anyway, let’s focus! Haha! What we are trying to say is that “El Tesoro” comes with a big meaning or take away message. Something that we all can’t relate to or at least understand. Sometimes diamonds, gold and money are not the only treasures that we cherish, right?! That is the only hint we are going to give you!

Well, we don’t want to spoil the film for you. So, we can only tell you that the best movies are the ones that can take you away and at the same time educate and bring something to the light. Something that might have been buried! See what we did there? Haha. If you didn’t get it, you will understand when you see “El Tesoro!

Discover what is the most worthy treasure!

The film also stars Roberto Sosa and Monica Huarte and it is produced by Actor and Producer Edward Enriquez-Cohen. Also, it has been shown at other prestigious festivals as “Guadalajara International Film Festival” and Guanajuato International film festival. If you’d like to be kept updated about news about the short film and feel less sad if you miss it at LALIFF this year, here is the link to its website: “El Tesoro”

Just keep on eye for it! You know what? Made that two! Yeah! So, you won’t miss it this time! Haha! See you soon, amigos!  

Edgar Caballero

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