WYNONNA EARP : 1 week, 1 TV Show, 7 reasons WHY

Wynonna Earp

  1. Because it’s from CANADA, and it feels fresh !
  2. Because it’s amazingly written, it’s funny, smart and full of references.
  3. Because the main character is a powerfull woman full of flaws.
  4. Because the storyline between Waverly and Nicole empowers the LGBTQIA community.
  5. Because their fans are SO dedicated to “their” show.
  6. Because Dominique Provost-Chalkley has grown thanks to her character.
  7. Because it feels like Buffy has met John Ford in a supernatural world full of “so-called” dead people.


Séverine has always been a movies lover. After studying film and media both in Paris, France and in California (UCSB), she became a videomaker. Fan of visual images, she co-created HolaHollywood with Dulce Osuna, where she can give substance to her thirst for film and TV.