1 week, 1 TV Show, 7 reasons WHY : Stranger Things

  1. Because it lies between The Goonies and Ghostbuster and I’m a product from the 80′.
  2. Because it’s the story of 4 friends fighting for each other. (5/6 depending on the season)
  3. Because it’s a story about human bonds immerse in a supernatural world.
  4. Because Winona Ryder is wonderful in that role of a mother fighting against all odds for her son.
  5. Because the visual atmosphere of the show is mindblowing.
  6. Because it’s funny, it’s cute, it’s heartbreaking
  7. Because there is a love … and who doesn’t love Love ?


Séverine has always been a movies lover. After studying film and media both in Paris, France and in California (UCSB), she became a videomaker. Fan of visual images, she co-created HolaHollywood with Dulce Osuna, where she can give substance to her thirst for film and TV.