What do TV shows teach us about entrepreneurship ?

Hi, I’m Alex Pachulski and I want to tell you why TV shows can really influence entrepreneurs.

Geeks are the new trend

First, I want to talk to you about Silicon Valley. Because « Silicon Valley » talks about geeks becoming rockstars, becoming sexy, becoming so cool. Because, they create their own company and design their own product. They try to raise money in front of VC (venture capital), and I think it gives you plenty of motivation to become an entrepreneur.

Developing knowledge through mentorship

Suits, this TV show about lawyers, is also a very good management lesson. When you look at the relationship between Harvey and Mike, you can notice how to mentor someone, how to coach someone, how to develop someone. And it is very interesting to follow that during the different seasons.

If you look at the last season, it is also interesting to see Donna, the executive assistant, becoming the COO (chief operating officer), because it shows a very important thing for entrepreneur : you’ve got to bet on talent, not on degrees, not on past experiences, but on people. On people who want to become someone, who are ready to work hard enough to become this someone, and obviously that will develop all the necessary skills. « Suits » talks about all that, so please follow « Suits ».

Going too far is a dead end

Also, very interesting to notice Franck Underwood in House of Cards, Cersei in Games of Thrones or Walter White in Breaking Bad. Because they talk about ambition, but that shows how far you are ready to go to get something, to reach your goals. And obviously, they go way too far.

So, as an entrepreneur, it’s up to you to set your own limits, to set the boundaries that you do not want to cross, even if you are very motivated and very ambitious.
It’s your responsibility to set these limits.

Stay true is the only answer

It’s interesting also to notice how Seinfeld has become successful sticking to its first idea, its very first intention. Why ? Because it wanted to create a show about nothing and, at this time, it was impossible. You had to talk about something, and you wanted to talk about nothing ; that was its original idea, that was its difference, and that’s how it disrupted TV Shows, because it really sticks to what it wanted to do. And what is important here is to think out of the box : do not follow necessarily people, do not follow what they tell you to do, follow your own instincts, follow your guts. 

Only the future will tell

And, if you want to finish with a very interesting TV Show : Black Mirror.

« Black Mirror » talks about technology, and how dangerous it could become in a close future. So, if you wonder how you could use Artificial Intelligence, how you could use robots on a labor markets, please, follow « Black Mirror ». You will have very good guidelines and very good lessons on what not to do.

So, if you want to become a CEO or an entrepreneur, please, look at TV Shows and be inspired.

About Alex Pachulski :

Alex has a PHD in Knowledge Management and prior to joining Talentsoft spent 10 years running an HR Consultancy firm specializing in competency management projects, working with clients such as Apple, Coca-Cola and Sage. Today, he specializes in Talent Management and is a recognized specialist well known for his blog ‘Les talents d’Alex’ (IN FRENCH).


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