PLAN B Victoria Moroles & Kuhoo Verma tell us ALL !

Victoria Moroles and Kuhoo Verma are the two main protagonists in Natalie Morales’ PLAN B. The way we (the viewers) feel for the two teenagers has not so much to do with the storyline as the way the two actresses have embodied their characters.

We feel the distress of Sunny when she discovers a little “something” inside her that could change everything. And going on a quest for the “plan b”pill in a small town, where everyone knows each other, it’s not that simple. Especially at night time.

As the movie goes on, Sunny copes with the situation with humour, a mechanism of self-defense that will lead her to make questionable decisions.

Kuhoo Verma portrays a fun and sarcastic Sunny with talent.

On the counterpart, Lupe (play by Victoria Moroles) appears to be the “grown up” in this road trip. She navigates between a missing mum, a religious dad, and her willingness to stay true to her feelings. But at some point, she will step up for her friend (as friends are for).

Overall, the performances of both actresses underline perfectly all the layers of understanding of the movie.

It’s fun, it has rhythm, good music, a visual identity. But it is also a film about friendship, love, social issues, ethnicity….. AAAAND THE MAFIA !!!

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