Amazon buys MGM with the entire James Bond Franchise

Amazon just confirmed the information : they bought the MGM studios for $8.5 billions. With this acquisition Amazon wants to enhance its Prime Video catalog. With over 4000 movies and 17 000 TV shows, MGM was the ower of the James Bond Franchise, Singin’ in the rain, Rocky, The Handmaid’s Tale and many more.

Get more subscribers

With this deal, Amazon is not only filling up its offer, but also wants to reinvent itself. MGM, Amazon Prime and Amazon Studios could then be a great source of competition for others big streaming platforms like Netflix.

Has Covid-19 help ?

With the different lockdows around the world, MGM had suffured from the economical crisis and the shutdown of the movie theaters. Could this have been in any help in closing such a deal ?

Futhermore, with people being stuck at home, all the the streaming platforms have increased their viewership.

At the end, this could be a win/win. MGM modernizes its catalog and Amazon gets to play with the big.

So, without futher do, let’s re-watch our interview of Daniel Craig for James Bond’s SKYFALL. Soon on Amazon Prime.


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