Natalie Morales revisits the teen movie in PLAN B

Director Natalie Morales takes us on a rollercoaster journey through girls’ teenagehood. In a non-conventional way, the movie questions the accessibility of the after day pill for girls outside big cities.

The directing of Natalie Morales is energetic, and underlines the “hidden” personalities of both characters. Yes, Lupe and Sunny (played by Victoria Moroles and Kuhoo Verma) are BFF, but their trajectories are different. When Sunny is trying to emancipate from her mum by having sex and “becoming an adult”, Lupe deals with a religious family and being the only girl in the room.

It’s funny, a bit corky sometimes, but deals with real issues faced by young girls nowadays.

Hola Hollywood’s Dulce Osuna chatted with director Natalie Morales, talking about her background, COVID, what she is up to next and much more.

Watch our interviesw with the actresses. PLAN B on Hulu starting May 28th.


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