How SOMOS and the tragedy of Allende underline today’s gliches ?

Allende, small town in the center of Mexico was the center of a tragedy : the “not so “famous” Allende Massacre.

A whole village was exterminated. Women, children, men whose only desire was to live and hopefully make their dreams come true. But, by the power of an organization, the town became the craddle of violence and death.

A decade later, James Schamus decided to bring this story to light. Because the Allende Masscre (like so many others in History))is not talked about.

Schamus is mixing reality and fiction to give substance to those stories of women and men who eventually found peace. By using fiction, he allows his characters to be relatable.

SOMOS transmits a message of non-violence, of care and understanding. Because it’s by knowing our History, that our future will look brighter.

Let’s discuss the creation of SOMOS with his creator.



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