To the world “With Love,” LALIFF!

This is why we say, “To the world “With Love” LALIFF.” Since 1997, Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival has been showcasing Latino talent on Film and expanding opportunities for Latino filmmakers all around the world. This year LALIFF did not disappoint but surprised everyone with special screenings of shows and movies that showcased Latino representation and its Allies. As it is “With Love” on Prime, created by Gloria Calderon Kellet. How fascinating it is to see inclusivity in front and behind the camera!

As some of you must know, the show premiered its Second season on June 2nd! For those of you who haven’t already watched the entire season, you are missing out! Yeah, you are probably thinking people always say that when they are promoting something and sometimes it is good. Of course! We get it! You are tired of being disappointed! But hey! “With Love” on Prime is everything you always wanted in a Rom Com.

(Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images for Prime Video)

If you ever did not see yourself in any of those Rom Coms out there, this series will blow your mind! It does not only showcases Latino talent but it is also inclusive. “It’s a celebration of life” as Vincent Rodriguez III, part of the cast, has described it. Also showcasing talent of different communities and backgrounds as AAPI, LGBTQ+ and more! If you don’t believe us, just follow the wonderful cast of “With Love,” as they embrace life itself in this wonderful and touching story of Love and what we do to get it and keep it! Haha! Here is the cast! 

Emeraude Tobia, Mark Delicato, Vincent Rodriguez, Gloria Calderon Kellet, Isis King, Rome Flynn, Desmond Chiam, Tedd Grinnell, Constance Marie, Julissa Calderon, W. Tre Davis, Renee Victor, Pepe Serna, Benito Martinez, Andre Royo and many more!

“With Love” Cast at LALIFF!

They all will be waiting for you at the 2nd Season of “With Love” by Prime, now streaming. And don’t forget to tune in next year to the Los Angeles Latino Film Festival! We are sure there will be many more surprises!

Edgar Caballero

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