A Quiet Place Part II takes parenthood to the next level


John Krasinski : The metaphor of the first one was parenthood. If you extent that metaphor, could I play with it longer ? I think there is an evolution and then the evolution of the metaphor really became powerful in my mind. What i mean by that is : if the first one was about the promise you make as parents to your kids that “as long as you are with me, i can keep you safe and everything is going to be fine”. That’s a promise that every parents make to their childs.

Emily Blunt : I think that broken promises are a really harrowing experience for the kids. But , at the end, i think it’s a really powerful message that we see generationally what happens within this family is that the kids forge ahead. The kids have to grow up, they have to take charge.

John Krasinski : So I thought : whan that promise is broken, that’s growing up. And so, when you let your kids go out in the world on their own that’s what growing up is all about. And so that’s what the metaphor the second one became. The idea of these kids and this family dealing with loss, dealing with their safety being taken from them.



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