“The Bullfighter,” from LALIFF to Short Fest, Palm Springs!

The Bullfighter” amazes the audience at LALIFF, Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, and promises to steal the show again at Short Fest, Palm Springs International Short Film festival! Yes! This June 20th! “Failure to Launch” block, at 6pm! We wish we could describe this farcical comedy full of heart and meaning in one sentence. Unfortunately, those horns are too big to be filled! Lol!

Alright, Let’s put it this way! Have you ever seen something so crazy, well, let’s called it unique. Yes! Have you even seen something so unique, that it should be scary! Or disgusting! But ends up being surprisingly amazing and funny?!

Well, this is not the case with “The Bullfighter.” Haha! JK! It is amazing! This short film was always meant to be amazing; people just didn’t know it would. Haha!

According to Director Giselle Bonilla, this thesis for AFI wasn’t all smiles and games, but somehow everything came together. She managed to have a wonderful cast put together by amazing Carla Hool Casting. Ricardo Chavez, Jack Murillo, Sara Silva, Laura Patalano, Jordi Vilasuso, Arturo Bonilla, among others, will definitely keep your attention from beginning to end.

She feels blessed that she had an amazing team to work with behind cameras. According to her, they are the real bullfighters! Lol! Including Cinematographer: Sharon Pulwer, Student Oscar Winner Editor: Alejandra Armijo, co-writer: Cesar Jaramillo, poster designer: Devin Dulany, executive producer: Jazhiel Chu, producers: Colt Kozal and Wuliang Zhang.

She even added her actor dad in the film, Arturo Bonilla! And She got to kill her acting teacher from AFI! On screen, of course. How cool is that! Haha!

The Bullfighter,” is a wild ride my friends. Among red capes, bulls, horns, bullfighters, puppets, lowriders, guns and may be a baby? You are in for a treat. Just to give you an idea of how much of a genius Giselle Bonilla is, “that bad b…” according to her, won a DGA Student Award for her work on this film. All she had to do is watch parking attendants through her window during the pandemic, and her mind produced “The Bullfighter.”! Of course we are being sarcastic! She made it look easy! Haha!

Remember! You can still catch “The Bullfighter” on a big screen at Palm Springs International Short Fest, June 20th! At the 6pm’s block! LALIFF saw it shine! You can see it on fire! Bringing the heat at a cold dessert night! See what we did there? Palm Springs, Baby!

Actor Ricardo Chavez, lead of “The Bullfighter” (Spanish interview).

Edgar Caballero

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