Swordplay LA, Hollywood’s best-kept secret?

Is Swordplay LA, a Stunt Fighting and Fencing school located at 3316 W Blvd, Burbank, CA, Hollywood’s best-kept secret?  We would definitely answer that with a “Yes.” 

You would probably ask why and frankly we would tell you to “just step in the place and you will see!” Sorry, a bit dramatic.  Haha!  But today we will elaborate for you and simply say, “It is not just the (prop)  swords, knives,  guns, fencing tools, and the cool hand-to-hand moves!”  “It’s also, the environment of professional hard-working, and caring instructors that will not let us lie when we tell you that you will feel welcome if you are in for an adventure.”  “Especially, the warm feeling of community that comes with all their programs.”

Fencing Students (Courtesy of Swordplay LA).

“It is a judge-free environment” and we are just quoting co-owner Mary Spohn about that one.  Thank god for that, right?!  Not many places can say that!  If you don’t believe us, do not worry cause you will hear it from her when you visit, lol.  Or from Ryan Cook, another great asset of Swordplay LA studios and co-owner.  

Mary Spohn, Owner and Instructor ( Courtesy of Swordplay LA).


Open Floor Fencing (Courtesy of Swordplay LA).

  Spohn is one of many professional instructors that the Studio provides.  Being the Sword and Weapons, hand-to-hand, Lightsaber, Fire Arms Stunt Class, and a Fencing Instructor.  Mary has only been ranked one of the top female foil fencers in the country, you all!  I mean, not to take for granted her wisdom, just saying! 

Also, you should see her business partner, Cook, when instructing fencing! So much patience and dedication with the little ones and overall!  Yes, Ryan! We were watching! Haha!  He is an excellent Fencing Instructor, not gonna lie!  


Ryan Cook, Fencing Instructor and Fencing Program Manager (Courtesy of Swordplay LA).

Well, to be fair every instructor and staff at Swordplay LA has a high level of integrity and commitment to your learning experience and well-being.  Tyler Wolhner (Fencing instructor), Casey Lloyd (Stunt Instructor), Conner Bean (Stunt Instructor), Victor Yuan (Front Desk), and many more!  

That is why Swordplay LA is Hollywood’s best-kept secret!  Action movies do not look as amazing as they do without places like this! And kids learn Fencing while having fun!  

Stunt Fighthing Training Program’s Reel at Swordplay LA ( Courtesy of Swordplay LA).

We invite you to come to check it out for yourself.  Don’t let us tell you! After all, what do we know, right?!  Haha! Come experience the Swordplay LA adventure yourself my friends!  You will not be disappointed and they are just around the corner at 3316 W Blvd, Burbank, CA!

Edgar Caballero

I joined the HolaHollywood team a couple of years ago and my life changed. I Moved from Chicago in search of my dream to become an actor. I love to write! I love to watch movies with the eye of an actor. I strongly support everyone and believe kindness goes a long way. If you want to send me an invite to review your movie and meet your cast, email me ;) siredgarcaballero@gmail.com Blessings!