Pantaya provides you with “El Refugio” (“The Shelter”), against boredom!

There will be no boredom at Pantaya’s watch, so they dare to bring us “El Refugio” (“The Shelter”)!  Yes! What we really meant is that there is a new drama Sci-Fi series that is already streaming at Pantaya called “El Refugio.”  English translation “The Shelter.’

Do you want to know what is she looking at?

It is being categorized as one of a kind Spanish Sci-fi series with a mixture of different genres!  We would dare to say it is a mixture of thriller, drama, and family.  It is based on the original idea of Julio Rojas and centers on the life of a family living on a ranch that will have to keep a strong bond if they want to survive, as they experience a strange situation with what appears to be aliens or paranormal activity of some kind.  

The cinematography, the cast, and the story!  I mean come on, haha!   Zuria Vega, Ana Claudia Talancon, and Alberto Guerra.  Also, directed by Pablo Fendrick.  They all conspire together to bring you an amazing heart-warming, thrilling, horrifying piece of work.  Which we are sure will knock your boredom down!  

Oh! And don’t worry! It has subtitles if needed, of course.  All you got to do is download Pantaya with those beautiful fingers of yours or use a voice command, if available, lol.  That is kind of funny since this show has lots of technology references that you will probably feel identify with.  

Now streaming!

The series is six hours long, so if you dare to watch it all at once invite all the family.  That way there will be no one left to interrupt the show, hahaha! (evil laugh).  Then, just sit, relax and let Pantaya be your “El Refugio.”       Your “Shelter” for entertainment!  

“El Refugio” (“The Shelter”) Trailer.

Edgar Caballero

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