What is CRUELLA really about ?


Emma Stone : I love watching it. I just hope it’s a real blast for people.

(Exerpt from movie)

Craig Gillespie : It’s a coming of age story of a villain who is trying to figure out her journey and her true self along the way.

Emma Stone : Estella is a very brilliant young girl who becomes a very villainess woman that we all know and love. And this is sort of the backstory of how she became that way.

Craig Gillespie : It’s all emotionally motivated in term of Cruella and Estella. The first journey : she thinks she’s been told you what she believes is the right thing to do in life and the ways they just supposed to behave. It’s actually a conflict with who she is as a person in the sense of what she’s going after. She doesn’t think within the lines and she’s growing up in a world that wants to behave within the lines and not question things and not challenge things. So she, for a while, is going against her instincts and that’s where she really suffers the most and it’s not until she really leans into who she is as a person and regardless of the repercussions that she really sucks to thrive.

(Exerpt from movie)

Emma Stone : It also have been interesting to kind of engage the tone and how much of Cruella is in a Estella and how much of Estalla is in Cruella, but I think it’s kind of fantastic, because it’s the personification of those two sides of her hair : the dark and the light

Disney hasn’t done anything like that before. It’s so while that they took one of their characters and their IP (Iintellectual Property). They were like : we can create an origin story for this character. To make something so original with a character we’ve seen before it’s really … It was the only way the movie should have even been made.


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