The Batman kisses who?

The Batman kisses who?  Yes!  There will be a kiss or two in “The Batman movie,” on March 4th.” Would Batman really be one of the kissers?  Or maybe it was The Penguin who was kissing someone?  Is he even in this movie? Questions, questions, it is all about the questions, or should we say riddles.  Just pulling your batwing.   Truth is, unlike “The Riddler,” we are not able to provide any clues.  But we can tell you that this film is full of diversity.  Just look at this cast: Zoe Kravitz, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Wright, Margot Robbie, J.k Simmons, Max Carver, Charlie Carver, Gil Perez-Abraham and of course Robert Pattinson, just to name a few.

Are they mad? “The Batman.” Courtesy of Warner Brothers.

Oh! Also!  There is a reason why our new Batman is slightly skinnier than other versions of him.  Do notice we said, slightly skinnier, not weaker!  According to the producers, it is based on the first years of Bruce Wayne being The Batman.  Or as the producers described it, “earlier in his growth.”  When he is still finding his own truth, in our opinion.  But you can make your own conclusions as you enjoy this dark warm delightful film. 


“I have nine of them!” Want to know who says that? Courtesy of Warner Brothers.

Why do we talk about it like that? Well, the genre is very diverse.  Yes! As you are probably expecting, It is full of action, but things are spiced up with mystery, comedy,  guilt, family, revenge, and maybe a bit of romance.  Romance?  We did say maybe, my friends.  

“Do you know who I am?” Watch for this phrase in the movie! Courtesy of Warner Brothers.

And for those of you who are not sure Robert Pattinson will pull it off, portraying Batman, we suggest not betting your money on it.  Unless you have lots of it.  Then you should go to Gotham city and definitely get robbed by that beautiful two-legged cat.  Just be careful!  She wants more than money.  What would a cat want?  That is something you will have to find out too this March 4th.   Do not miss the adventure and someone cool is riding a motorcycle at the end!  Guess who it is?  See you at the movies this March 4th to find out!   

Oh, Yes! March 1st for selected theaters and March 4th all over! Who is coming?

Edgar Caballero

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