“Spider-Man: No Way Home,” Literally!

As I sit to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home’s film.  Which, by the way, opens in theaters on December 17th! I thought to myself, “ I’ll have a chance to go pee later, during the boring parts of the film.”  Guess what? Nope! Literally! No way home!  The movie just kept getting better and better.  I mean, what boring parts, lol?  Tom Holland’s, Zendaya’s, and Jacob Batalon’s chemistry as people that care about each other are just undeniable.  Their performances are outstanding and full of romantic, funny, sincere, touchy moments.  Trust me, there is “No Way Home,” literally.  

The film is full of touchy moments that will warm your heart!

Seriously, don’t try to get up while watching, you will just get slapped back to your seat by Marisa Tomei’s radiant acting, Benedict Cumberbatch’s brilliant presence, or the plenty of times when you won’t know what is about to happen but the cast it’s just killing it.  So, you might pull your hair off or pee in your pants after going through this emotional roller coaster but there is no doubt the film won’t disappoint you. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home-Official Trailer

“Spiderman: No Way Home,” is by far the most brilliant Spiderman film that exists.  Well, that is our humble opinion.  But do check it out for yourself.  Plan ahead of time, meaning, visit the bathroom first.  Grab your snacks, hugging buddies, tissues, bandages, dogs,  and whatever you think you will need in order to enjoy the movie.  Then, hold on tight!  Once “Spiderman: No Way Home starts,”  you won’t want a way to go home, really!