ANTLERS : Are you ready to shiver with Scott Cooper & Guillermo Del Toro ?

Hola Hollywood sat down with Director Scott Cooper to talk about his collaboration with Guillermo Del Toro on ANTLERS.

Guillermo Del Toro as a source of inspiration ?!

Del Toro is credited as a producer but his impact on the film goes beyond. The creature (Wendigo), the mythology and the themes of the movies are not new to the Mexican director. The viewers can clearly see in ANTLERS the influence of Pan’s Labyrinth for example.

When mythology meets today’s dysfunctions

Nevertheless, it would be downsizing the work of Cooper to neglect his “know-how”. His directing is guided by the writing of the script. The long travellings and the use of colors set the atmosphere. Subtil and inspired, the movie progresses slowly until the end (let’s not spoil).

Every idea develop around the mythology of the Wendigo is anchored into today’s society.

But instead of telling you our point of view (or how we want you to see the movie), we invite you to go see it starting this Friday.

Let’s hear Scoot Cooper about his creative process and his inspirations.


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