Zac Efron and now former girlfriend  model Sami Miró have said goodbye for good.

Rumors that Efron had broken up with his long-term girlfriend Sami Miró started circulating this past weekend. Sources even said fans started noticing how photos of the couple together started dissapering on Zac’s IG account. Of course when there is a break up the least thing you want to keep on your social media is something that reminds you of your ex, (Good for you Zac) BUT, not only that, apparently he also unfollowed Miró from his account, leaving everyone wondering what happened. Miró seems to either be on denial or hoping to get back together as she has not unfollowed the actor as of the time of this publishing.

So if rumors are true Zac Efron is a Single Man Again girls!!!

Rumors also say the couple who had only been dating for less than two years, did not have the same feeling for each other as they did in the beginning. In other words the spark in the relationship died, and an insider revealed that Zac was the one to say Au revoir to Sami. Of course same source said that Zac’s priority is his career and his complicated schedule got in the way of their relationship ( you know what every artist says).

Sami and Zac last attended the MTV Movie Awards together on April 9, where they were photographed  piggybacking leaving everyone wondering, what went wrong.

Zac has been linked with different actresses, some of them who actually had a relationship with the actor and some just rumos. Some of the lucky girls in the list: Vanessa Hudgens (his High School Musical Sweetheart for five years), Michelle Rodriguez, Alexandra Storm, Lilly Collins, Lindsey Lohan, Teresa Palmer, Rumer Willis, and Halston Sage.