YouTube sensations kSI and Caspar Lee just got “Laid In America”& shared secrets on How to become a Youtube Star. LAID IN AMERICA stars KSI, Caspar Lee, Bart Baker, Gabbie Hanna, Josh Leyva and Alexis G. Zall, and fans didn’t miss this party! We talked to Caspar Lee and KSI, who are youtube sensations with over 2 billion combined views and who are the Stars from their film “Laid In America”, they  came together at the AMC Universal CityWalk for an exclusive red carpet event in celebration of the film’s debut on Digital HD on September 27, 2016 and on Blu-ray™ and DVD on October 4, 2016 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

Caspar Lee and KSI, shared some hilarious behind the scenes facts  from “Laid In America”, how the project came together, celebrity stars that have become their friends, and revealed their secrets on How To Become YouTube Sensations like them

INTERVIEW with Caspar Lee on How To Become A Youtube Star + Laid In America


In the hilarious comedy LAID IN AMERICA, Duncan (KSI) and Jack (Caspar Lee) are exchange students with just one night left in the United States and one final chance to lose their virginity with the girls of their dreams. Alongside KSI (14.5 million YouTube subscribers) and Caspar Lee (6.7 million YouTube subscribers), the film features an all-star cast including digital stars Josh Leyva, Bobby Lee, Madison Iseman and Bart Baker.

INTERVIEW with KSI on Laid In America + How To Become A Youtube Star


KSI and Caspar Lee are British YouTubers with over 2 billion combined views. KSI is also a popular gamer with his own mobile video game KSI Unleashed and rapper/hip hop artist on tour in Europe later this fall. Caspar Lee has done several video collaborations with his Hollywood “best friends” from Kevin Hart and Chris Pratt to most recently Cara Delevigne. In 2016, his biography, co-written by his mother who is often the target of his video pranks, was released by Hachette.
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