The 41st American Film Festival of Deauville opened this week-end with a tribute to the famous actor Keanu Reeves.

During the duration of the festival, a retrospective of the carrer of the actor will be shown. Movielovers would be able to discover (for the young generation) or enjoy again the Matrix trilogy, Speed and a lot more.

“That’s American cinema, the same actor who played Neo in The Matrix also played in My Own Private Idaho,” said Bruno Barde, director of the festival. “He was the Chevalier in ‘Dangerous Liaisons’, and he also stars in Knock Knock, a sort of upside down version of Funny Games. American cinema is a kind of cinema that has no limits.”

Deauville loves american cinema and proves it every year. This year, Mr. Reeves came to promote “Knock Knock”.

In this Eli Roth’s movie, Reeves plays a devoted husband and father who is left home alone for the weekend. Two stranded young women surprisingly knock on his door for help.  Guess what happened ?

The festival also honored Robert Pattinson. His new movie, “Life” premiered this Saturday. In this film, Pattinson plays Dennis Stock, a LIFE MAGAZINE photographer who shoot the young James Dean (played byDane DeHaan) during a road trip in 1955.

“Life” is set to release on theaters on December 4th.

Michael Bay, Orlando Blum and others are being honored by this 41st edition of The Deauville American film Festival.

For more information : Deauville Film Festival Website