Once again Victoria’s Secret stirs controversy with another photoshop blunder after posting what appears to be a badly photoshopped picture to their Facebook account. This is not the first time that the company has been slammed for their extensive photoshopping.

photoshop fail

On September 25th the company posted a picture  of a brunette model missing the curvature of her left buttocks. Instantly, people on Facebook and Twitter started commenting about the odd looking picture. The comments expressed people’s astonishment and disappointment, and questioned the company’s extensive use of photoshop.

This instance is the perfect opportunity to revisit the negative effects that the predominance of photoshop has on women’s perception of their bodies. Aerie, American Eagle’s lingerie and apparel line, has taken a stand by launching a photoshop-free campaign starring Emma Roberts, and we can all hope that other companies join American Eagle’s initiative.