Why I Transitioned From Coffee to Tea-Who doesn’t love waking up in the morning to the smell of fresh coffee? I know I do, if you know me I am a big coffee lover. However, let me start by saying I’ve heard many people talk about the bad side effects of drinking coffee, or at least in my case too much coffee.
Well I put my journalistic skills to work and researched about the negative side effects of caffeine.
Even though I don’t want to talk bad about coffee, because in all honestly it has gotten me through six years of college and two kids without going insane. I will be the first one to admit, that I found some pretty interesting stuff. According to caffeinneinformer.com (original name, don’t you think?) there are some pretty bad side effects, coffee lovers are you ready for me to break your heart? here it goes,

#1 Did you know that drinking more than four cups of coffee a day will most likely increase your chance of dying at an earlier age? gotta start preparing my will…
I mean more than four cups daily does seem a little extreme, but some of us really do need that caffeine in our system, you know to keep our sanity.

#2 Caffeine may cause indigestion. Well, well that explains a lot. People who drink a lot of caffeine have reported to suffer from constipation and bad indigestion, especially if caffeine is consumed on an empty stomach. (Did I just create more business for Starbucks? Like can I have a vanilla latte ..AND a brownie? )

#3 Headaches, big OUCH! I don’t know what you have heard, but my mom always said to drink coffee to relieve a headache, not the opposite. However, caffeineinformer INFORMS.. that even though small doses of caffeine may take that nasty headache away, drinking too much caffeine might just make it worse and also lead to migraines.

#4 Did I just read Caffeine Overdose?  O-M-G, this is an actual real thing, our caffeineinformer says that people have different levels of caffeine tolerance, meaning that while I can drink like six cups a day,   (I mean two, cutting my dose after reading fact #1) your body may only be able to handle one. Check with your doctor to be safe and make sure you are putting in the right amount of caffeine in your body, since caffeine oversode can literally cause death according to our coffee informer.

#5 Anxiety. Depression. Fatigue…  Well what more can I say? I guess caffeine is not so good after all, even though caffeine gets you through those cramming nights before exams, or those long hour days at work, you have to keep in mind that The risks of suffering from any of the harmful effects of caffeine are diminished by being aware of how much is personally being consumed daily.


On that note and the bad side effects of drinking caffeine, I want to share my experience Transitioning From Coffee to Tea. Like you already know because I said it in the beginning, (assuming you are reading the whole post) I am a coffee lover. I honestly used to drink about 5 cups daily. You know when you have screaming toddlers throwing tantrums and spilling their food that you carefully cooked from a Pinterest recipe , you need C O F F E E.  Or Don’t even let me start talking about finals week, or senior year, or your boss sending you 500 e-mails a day (jk Dulce)

Because all I will say is  C O F F E E. C O F F E E. C O F F E E.

But I did notice I was getting more frequent headaches, super tired, irritated and in a bad mood and experiencing a little of a problem going #2 (just shhh, don’t tell anyone). so there you go, our caffeineinformer.com was right.

So I made the drastic decision of changing up my routine a little and instead of grabbing a cup of coffee like I usually do, I forced myself to pull out of the very very back of my pantry the box of tea I bought a year ago ( no, it wasn’t expired).

To my surprise, I really liked the tea, I drank it right before bed and it gave me a feeling of calmness, my stomach felt warm and happy. I slept like a baby that night, so I decided to try it again the following night. Guess what? same good feeling. So the next day I took it to the next level, and made the same tea during the day but I C E D. Sorry Starbucks but no more iced coffee for me. It has been about four days of my daily tea intake, my skin feels better, I don’t feel as tired and my stomach is back to loving me more than ever.

If you are thinking of cutting off your caffeine intake, do it slowly. I know it can be hard, but start with small doses and try to replace it for water or tea. Summer is here and Iced tea can be refreshing and overall great.  There are many flavors out there, and not only that but you can find a tea for pretty much everything (purpose wise).


I have been drinking Yogi Tea ( and no, they are not paying to mention it, maybe they should though) but I really enjoy their products. They have a great variety, where you can find teas that will help you with stress, anxiety, sleep better, even for healthy skin ( which is the one I am currently taking). All the teas have a great combination of flavor like, vanilla, cinnamon etc. Plus each little baggie has a quote on it, isn’t cute?



Well if you do decide to try it, let me know in the comments below how it’s working out for you and don’t forget to share your favorite teas and flavors.