What happens when Taylor Swift runs out of awards to receive? because let’s be honest the Shake it off singer has won every single award there is on this planet. Tuesday at the 64th annual BMI Pop Awards the singer won the Taylor Swift award. YES Taylor Swift Receives Award Named After Herself, how cool is that?

The award was a recognition of both her musical influence, and creative and artistic talent. Taylor gave a speech where she joked about how bummed she would be if they had chosen somebody else other than her to receive the Taylor Swift award.

This is the second time in the history of the BMI Awards that an artist has received the award named in their honor, after Michael Jackson took home his corresponding trophy in 1999. BMI, an organization that works to protect the rights of authors and composers in the United States, also gave Swift the award for best pop composer of the year, taking into account the success of her numbers “Bad Blood,” “Blank Space,” “Style” and “Wildest Dreams,” all of which appear on her album “1989.”

Even though her boyfriend Calvin Harris was absent at the event, Taylor had tremendous support from her brother and parents who were filming her speech on their phone as Taylor pointed out. It’s been a great year for Taylor, her 1989 Tour was super successful where she brought some of her friends and other celebrities on stage to surprise fans as she wanted to do something different everytime.

“The artists were generous enough to come out for free, playing their songs on [my] stage [which] made this tour special and different for me,” she explained. “We live in an age where everybody has the ability to see your show online before they come if they want to but if your surprise them with a special guest, they actually get to feel that very unique in 2016 feeling of being surprised by something.”

Taylor also said she has had a lot of free time lately (as she mentioned at the end of the 1989 tour that she was taking a vacation) so now she has been watching a lot of reality TV,

“I recently have had a lot of time off, have watching a lot of reality TV. Berry and Cynthia’s daughter [Dr.] Jenn is the therapist on the show Couples Therapy that I watch a lot, so I’m just really, really excited to meet her family goals over here in this section.”


Taylor won her award and we are all very happy for her, but many of her fans questioned her new look. wearing a ’90s-looking Noudar choker, Monique Lhuillier animal-print dress with no crop top or cutout component. And NO red lip-classic thing that we love on her. What is going on? so many claim that she looks nothing like the old Taylor Swift that we are used to. We saw more of a Gothic look on Taylor on the cover of Vogue Magazine, continuing with Coachella and followed by the Met Gala where now she really super short hair is more yellow and her lips went from red to dark colors. (some even said they saw a piercing)

Either way, congrats to Taylor Swift on this unique award!