Who doesn’t remember the blonde-curly-haired and blue eyed sweet girl that we met back in 2006? Taylor Swift made us all fall in love with her country lyrics and unique wooden guitar. Well what would 2006 Taylor Swift say to the new Taylor? Well here you have it, Taylor Swift: Her Transformation Over The Years.

Let’s go back to when she first melted our heart with “Teardrops on My Guitar” where Taylor’s lyrics were about young love and hopeless romance.Taylor entered the music world with pop-country music, giving the world (or at least the young people) a new perspective on country music.

Taylor not only made it to the top of the charts with her first album, but she also started getting attention from the media for her physical appearance. Girls looked up to her simple but natural beauty, she portrayed they “perfect” American Girl who would dream of her first love, which helped many girls identify with the at the time, 16-year-old Taylor Swift.



It took almost no time for Taylor’s name to be recognized worldwide, in her album “Fearless” her image was still the sweet teenager who wore floral dresses and boots and had medium to long blonde hair, with a perfect cat-eye liner.”Speak Now” album came along and even though we saw a new Taylor (sexier Taylor) her looks weren’t dramatically changed. This was the first time we saw the red lipstick thing that you/she likes.

We could see she had left the boots at home, and has replaced them with chic heels and the dresses had gone from floral to fluffy/girly cute. (we definitely liked that Taylor).


After the huge success Taylor had with her world tour “Speak Now” and we thought she couldn’t look any better, she came back stronger than ever to become THE pop artist with a new look. Red lipstick became her trademark, she not only wore red lipstick almost all the time, she named her next album “RED”.

By this time we could see a more grown-up/mature Taylor who was going for more of a vintage look. She cut her hair (by announcing on twitter) , wore hats, and changed the girly dresses for more dressy clothes that a more mature woman would wear, of course not losing her style.




Tay-Tay was definitely going for a vintage look when her album RED came out. The lace blouses and retro clothes were a hit again thanks to Taylor, she made them not only cool again but popular; swifties and even nonswifties started striving for that vintage sexy look that Taylor rocked (of course not forgetting the red lipstick).

At this point in her career Taylor was not only THE pop artist we all loved and wanted to see in concert, she was a fashion icon, someone who didn’t have to take her clothes off to make her way up in the charts. Her dorky, sweet, innocent and retro style was her biggest charm and we loved this style on her, (oh how we loved it, sigh)

But in 1989 I mean in 2014 Taylor really came back to rule the world. Her new album 1989 made history and everything it touched became gold (or platinum). But her look went from vintage/pretty/cute to sexy/less clothes/ more red lipstick and more sparkle with lots of leather, heels and very fine clothes. Her hair would no longer be curly, actually that really did stop after “Speak Now”, but now Taylor’s hair definitely looked more straight than ever and her eyeliner always always on point as it is one of the things that makes her Taylor Swift.

Taylor came back with more confidence than ever, she wasn’t the girl who wrote about high school crushes anymore, her lyrics had a sense of fierce that she had never shown before. Lyrics like “Bad Blood”, “Style” and “Blank Space” skyrocketed to the top of every music chart made. In “Blank Space” music video we saw a Taylor who was not only fancy in the outside but secure and even kind of sort of evil (of course just for the video).





Taylor broke records as she had her worldwide tour “1989” and even received an award named after herself, the only thing is that when she received the Taylor Swift Award, she looked nothing like Taylor Swift. Yes after she traveled the world, she came home took time off and decided she wanted to change her appearance, this time to something very drastic, something we were definitely not expecting. Her cover in Vogue Magazine revealed her new look, where her shows off her now bleached and short hair.

Her clothes are a series of grunge-lite looks made up of a lot of black, gray and ripped denim. Her V0gue cover shows her wearing big platform rocky boots and dresses that give her more of a punk style. Maybe taylor got tired of being the preppy pretty girl and wanted to send a different message to her fans, maybe she is planning something new along this look? who knows? but what we do know is that her new fave wardrobe staple is a pair of combat boots and she’s been rocking them everywhere — from flat boots to heeled booties — they are always on her!

Also one more thing we couldn’t get over about her new look was the change of lipstick color!! (What happened to the red?) well Tay-Tay showed up to Met Gala 2016 wearing a dark color lipstick that made her bleached hair stand out, and a silver dress with long heeled black boots (definitely something we are not used to)






One thing is for sure after her last appearance she left us wondering what would the old Taylor Swift say to the new Taylor?  As some fans are not very happy with the change, some of the swifties think she looks damn H O T. Well you be the judge, and decide what look you like best on Taylor, either way we love Taylor and can’t wait to see what she comes up next.