I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since I was a child, watching actors perform on TV and on stage have inspired me to become an actress.

As my passion blossomed throughout the years, I decided to attend a 4-year theater college and a 3-year acting course for TV and Cinema. Later on, I became a member of a theatre group called Cia. Hojerizah, where I volunteered as an actress and I was hired as an acting coach.

Soon, I was performing several times on stage and in short films. Thanks to these opportunities, I was selected out of 160 people to participate in Margie Haber’s acting program, where my life magically changed. Margie gave me the opportunity to come to Los Angeles, where I started all over again. To be able to do her workshop, I had to learn English in five months. After this course, I decided to stay in Los Angeles to pursue my career. Since then, I’ve been booking acting jobs in commercials, feature and short films. I have an upcoming show at the WhiteFire Theatre on June 30, 2015. Thanks to my perseverance and hard work, I’ve become a role model to friends, family and to everyone whom I’ve worked with in Brazil.
If you want to learn more about me, I will be posting and sharing all my experiences to inspire new actors to follow their dreams!

Here is my audition for Margie Haber:


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