Talitha Bateman, Lulu Wilson and Stephanie Sigman fight against a doll, but it is not just any doll, we are talking about Annabelle! Yes, the famous devil doll from the Conjure Universe!  You will be able to see their struggle in new upcoming movie Anabelle: Creation which will be playing in theaters this August 11!

And as we suspect that you want to know a little bit about their experience filming Anabelle 2, or its origin! We, your Hola Hollywood friends, will gladly share with you all the spooky moments or experiences they have encounter and shared during the red carpet in the premiere of Annabelle creation at the LA film festival, not too long ago!

Talitha Bateman said she wanted something to happen so she could have something interesting to tell us, but sadly she said that nothing happened. She did tell us that the set was blessed by a priest so nothing spooky would happen.  She looked so beautiful with her dress that we dare to ask her about it and how did she feel about the Conjure Universe movies.



In other hand Lulu Wilson commented she was so glad that nothing out of the normal happen while they were filming, because she would of freak out. She also commented that she had been in other scary movies before but she would still run away from Annabelle.  Who wouldn’t right?  And she has more surprises coming up for us guys, she says it all in the interview below.

And don’t forget about the nun Charlotte who will be portray by Stephanie Sigman, who was really surprised to be cast as a nun. She talked to us about the fact that her role supposed to be older, but she was glad she went to audition and luckily she got it.  Oh, and here is the spooky part!  She said that she has seen dead people when she was younger! Oh my god!  And, although, she admitted that she never saw anything weird while filming Annabelle Creation, she said she was afraid because she does believe in paranormal incidents.

And if you enjoy getting to know these talented ladies, wait until you see the movie this August 11. You will love every piece of it.  Annabelle is back in the new movie Anabelle:  Creation! Don’t be scare, just grab that popcorn tight and enjoy!



Talitha Bateman, Lulu Wilson y Stephanie Sigman se enfrentan a la muñeca diabolica Anabelle, en “Annabelle: La Creacion”


Talitha Bateman, Lulu Wilson y Stephanie Sigman se enfrentan a Annabelle, una muñeca poseída por el mal, en la nueva película del Universo del Conjuro llamada Annabelle: Creation.  Dicha historia relata el origen de la muñeca Annabelle y como ella llego a ser diabólica.

Tus amigos de Hola Hollywood sabemos que te estarás preguntando si algo raro paso durante la filmacion de esta película, así que decidimos preguntarles a las protagonistas sobre su experiencia cerca de esta muñeca, mientras estábamos en la carpeta roja de Annabelle: Creation en el Festival de Cine de los Ángeles, o LA Film Festival.

Ahí pudimos charlar con Talitha Bateman quien vestía un hermoso vestido negro y quien nos confesó que el set fue bendecido por un padre antes de la grabación. ¡Si, amigos!  ¡es que les dio miedito que pasara algo raro, como en recientes filmaciones relacionadas con el Universo del Conjuro!  Talitha también nos comentó que le encanto ser malvada, ¿será que podría ser poseída por Annabelle?!

LuLu Wilson quien es otra de las protagonistas, nos dijo que ella correría muy lejos de Annabelle si la ve cerca. Y aunque ya ha estado en otras películas de terror aun le da gusto que hayan bendecido el set de filmación.  ¡Porque si hubiese pasado algo raro ella se hubiese espantado mucho! ¡Y no la culpamos, pues con tan solo ver esta muñeca te temblaran las piernitas!

Tambien hablamos con la hermosa Stephanie Sigman, que después de protagonizar a la Sexy Miss Bala, terminó haciéndola de monjita. ¡Si, hasta ella estaba sorprendida de que le hayan dado el papel!  Stephanie nos contó que no vio nada raro mientras graban la película, pero que ella si ha experimentado cosas fuera de lo común.  ¡Dice que vio un fantasma cuando era chica!  ¡Ay que miedo!

¡Y más miedo nos va dar cuando estemos viendo esta película, Annabelle: Creation, este viernes 11 de Agosto! ¡Está muy buena pues tiene humor, un mensaje de amistad, cosas espantosas y mucho suspenso que hará que te diviertas a más no poder!




Edgar Caballero-Velazquez is a writer, actor and singer whose interest for the arts started at an early age. He has been involved in community theater at the Starlight Theatre in Rockford, Illinois; located in Rock Valley College, institution which he has an associate degree of Arts. His vocal training includes Sheila Vayenas, a former Broadway performer. He is best known for his role “El Maestro de Baile,” in the play “El Burgués Gentil Hombre; a play by Molière and directed by Felipe Cortés.