Why Everyone is Going Crazy over Starbucks “Pink Drink”-As promised on Insta, I am back with a review of the secretly famous “Pink Drink” from Starbucks.
You may have seen pictures of it on social media and wondered, “what is that?” or “I’ve never seen it on the menu”  ]
Well, you are right, this pink drink is not part of the official Starbucks menu. This popular drink is actually part of their shhhh! “Secret menu”. Even though the drink has been on the secret menu for a while now, and is a permanent drink not many people know about it. But don’t worry, because leave it to social media to spread the word right?

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But you wonder Why Everyone is Going Crazy over Starbucks “Pink Drink” ? I do.
The #pinkdrink has become insanely famous this summer!  I am not sure if it’s the pretty pictures featured on Insta and Twitter by all you Starbucks lovers, or if it’s just a trend, buuuut what I do know is that this #pinkdrink is THE drink of summer 16′ .

I had been planning on doing this review earlier, as I was eager to try it since there was so much fuss about it going around the web. Well to my surprise the day I went to order the secret drink, they said they were out of the ingredients to make it, because yup it’s that popular.But what makes this drink so popular? I mean, what is it made of?, Like I said I went in and tried it myself.


The drink is made with Starbucks’ Strawberry Acai Refresher, caffeine from green coffee extract and coconut milk. (coconut milk, totally makes the difference) This allows the drink to be creamy.
This drink also comes with a special treat, as you can get it with freeze-dried fruit! Strawberries or Blueberries you choose!
But don’t get confused, this is not like a strawberry frapp, no-no this is a more watery milky drink that will definitely keep you fresh during summer hot days.
But, are you ready for the best part of it? What we L O V E the most about the drink? well, a grande size drink has less than 150 calories!! A Tall will have around 100 calories, and a Venti has about 200 calories. Since the beverage doesn’t use sugary syrups and opts for the healthier coconut milk instead of the whole milk used in fraps, so what is your excuse to run out and grab Summer’s Most Popular Drink: Starbucks “Pink Drink”  ?


I am not going to lie, I am not a big strawberry fan, so I was afraid it would be more of a strawberry milk shake flavor kind of thing. Plus Reading about other peoples’ experiences (before I tried it myself)  made me second guess that it would be that good.

The drink, is definitely good, BUT , yes there is a but. This drink, for my personal taste is too sweet, if you are someone who loves sweet drinks though, this is the drink you want to try. I am more of a dark coffee lover so for me sweet drinks I can only do tall size ( even though I love their chai latte).

Definitely you can start off your summer right by enjoying this #pinkdrink that promises to be the most intagrammable Starbucks drink of the summer. Twitter users have claimed to be in love with the drink already. Please share and let us know your thoughts on this new pretty pink drink.


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