Bronde hair color has taken the hair coloring world by storm. Celebrities like Penélope Cruz, Blake Lively,  and Jennifer Lopez are rocking the bronde hair color.  It was just a matter of time before we started wondering, if we can pull this trendy color off. So what in the world is this “bronde” hair color everyone is talking about?

Bronde is best of both worlds. You no longer have to choose between being a brunette or a blonde because now you can be a “bronde.” This perfect mixture between the light and brightness of the blond and the richness and dimension of the brunnete was the most sought after color in hair salons around the world. Colorist have been busy giving bronde makeovers since the beginning of Summer.  Are you interested in taking part of this trend? The good news is that we can all do. Rocking bronde locks and looking amazing while doing is possible because there are different shades of bronde, from darker to lighter, that can complement a wide range of eye colors and skin tones.

if you are familiar with the sayings “blondes have more fun” and “brunettes do it better,” do brondes have fun doing it better? One can only wonder.

Cheers and happy locks!