Sleeping with makeup on is probably one of the worse things you could for your skin. We have all heard at some point in our lives about the importance of thoroughly washing our faces before going to bed. This advice is particularly important, if we have makeup on. But why is sleeping with makeup on, so damaging to the skin?

Washing your faces daily before going to bed is important to clean all the dirt, grease, and environmental pollutants that stick to the surface of your skin throughout the day. Add to this dirty equation the chemicals and other synthetic substances found in your makeup products. When you don’t properly cleanse your skin at night, the combination of all of these elements wreak havoc on your skin.

Your skin is a living organism and it needs to breath. Neglecting to cleanse your face forces your skin to absorb more of the dirt, pollutants, grease and chemicals found in its surface. This results in the clogging of your pores. Causing congestion, break-outs, dryness, redness and hypersensitivity.

In 2013 an experiment conducted by Anna Pursglove, correspondent for the Daily Mail, returned socking results about the extensive skin damage caused by simply not washing your face at night. After a month of going to bed without cleansing her face, experts concluded that Anna’s skin aged by a decade. So next time you feel too tired  to take your makeup off and clean your face, remember the potential damage you could be doing to your skin.