Have you ever wonder if your are in an unhealthy relationship? Here are the warning signs that can help you answer that question.

Lack of Respect

Respect is one of the foundations of any healthy and fulfilling relationship. If respect is lost, the union of the couple is compromised by the pain and suffering caused. If you are feeling disrespected physically and/or emotionally by your partner, your relationship has entered the regrettable unhealthy zone.

Poor Communication

Another pillar of any healthy relationship is communication, and if your ideas, thoughts, and feelings are either being shut down, ignored, or disregarded, your relationship not only lacks respect but also communication. If you and/or your partner are deliberately and disrespectfully disrupting the communication between each other, then your relationship has entered the unhealthy relationships arena.

Broken Trust

Trust is also a critical part of what makes a relationship healthy and able to stand the test of life and time. Once trust is broken, it leaves the door open to a variety of other issues such as jealousy, stress and anxiety, and of course hurt.  Broken trust also highlights and intensifies feeling of disrespect and breaks down the couple’s communication even further.

When analyzing the health of your relationship, it is always important to ask yourself if your integrity, self-worth and happiness are being jeopardized. If they are, you are part of an unhealthy relationship.

“If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello”- Paulo Coehlo