If you love to keep up with Youtubers and the Beauty industry, charcoal masks should be something you are familiar with! For those of us who work, ( or pretend to work, I should say) have kids running around the house, and try really hard to keep up with a social life (mostly) it’s hard to keep up with every trend. No worries, after long hours of research (mostly watching YouTubers talk about charcoal masks) we have found why this black kind of yucky thing on your face is so popular! The Secret to Having Perfect Skin: Charcoal Mask, Life Hack or Fail?


If you are anything like me, and you randomly go into phases where you feel the need to give your skin a deep serious detox, a charcoal mask might just be for you.

What is it anyway? The bamboo charcoal mask works like a magnet that draws out impuritites, exfoliates, balances and purifies your skin. Oh and of course it makes you look like you just got done with an ugly mud fight, only while you have it on.

Benefits to using a charcoal mask: 

  1. Unclogs pores
  2. Balances Oily skin
  3. Exfoliates your skin
  4. Leaves your skin feeling clean and soft
  5. brightens up your skin

Experiment Time, I can’t speak for something I have never done or tried, therefore putting on a charcoal mask was a must, plus this mask really is a game changer!


So I found this purifying charcoal mask at Walmart for $2.99 and I have to tell you: It was worth every penny.

This mask is lazy-proof! it had wholes for your eyes, nose and mouth.. how much easier can it get? it’s already moisturized easy to apply!

Instructions recommend to leave the mask on for about 10 to 15 minutes, but I say 20 minutes, cucumbers on your eyes and a margarita in your hand is the way to go!

After the 20 minutes and the margarita is gone, peeling it off is as easy as it was applying it. It will literally peel off with NO pain, they say beauty if pain, not in this case #winning.


So What Are Some of the Best Charcoal Masks Out There?

Even though I can only speak for one brand (the one on this post, obvi) there are some great charcoal masks out there. Whether you want to go high end and purchase it at Sephora or go to a drug store they are affordable.




BLAQ can be found at Sephora. It is more on the high end price range but it is one of the faves!



This charcoal mask by boscia can also be found a Sephora but the price is on the lower range, as it is a one time use.


Yes to tomatoes is a YES to this mask! It is super affordable, one time use and I can say it is one of the best!


If you are up for the challenge, get you mask on, say bye bye to black heads and tag us on IG holahollywood.