RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET: WRECK-IT RALPH 2: directors reveal new characters and how the plot evolve. The sequel to Wreck-It Ralph is on its way, and this time Ralph Breaks the Internet. I was fortunate to be invited to Disney Animation preview for Ralph Breaks the Internet at their historic studio in Burbank, CA, where co-directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston showed off new footage from the movie, and shared what it all means.

In this new sequel, Video game bad guy Ralph, who is not bad at all (voice of John C. Reilly) and fellow misfit Vanellope von Schweetz (voice of Sarah Silverman) must risk it all by traveling to theworld wide web in search of a replacement part to save Vanellope’s video game, Sugar Rush. In way over their heads, Ralph and Vanellope rely on the citizens of the internet—theNetizensto help navigate their way, including Yesss (voice of Taraji P. Henson), who is the head algorithm and the heart and soul of the trend-making site “BuzzzTube,” and Shank (voice of Gal Gadot), a tough-as-nails driver from a gritty online auto-racing game called Slaughter Race.

“The idea came fairly early,” says Phil Johnston. “Fairly soon after we had worked on the first Ralph we were just talking about, would we ever want to do a sequel? And if so, why? Because the first movie wraps up pretty nicely with Ralph’s line, which is, ‘If that kid likes me, how bad can I be?” Which at the time, when we made it, felt like a very sweet sentiment.”

“However, as we started poking around at that idea, it’s actually a little dysfunctional that Ralph is defining himself based on how another person feels about him,” John explains. “And so we were like, ‘Well, Ralph still has some work to do.’”

“And what,” Rich Moore asks, “is the worst place you can put a person who defines himself by how other people think of him?”

“The internet,” Johnson says.

And so begins Ralph’s journey to the online world. The movie begins with Ralph and his best friend Vanellope von Schweetz spending their days in their respective games, and their nights at the hub between games, a power strip in Mr. Litwak’s arcade, which now has a new portal attached to it called “Wi-Fi.”

The plot evolves when a gamer accidentally breaks the steering wheel on Vanellope’s game, but with the manufacturer of the game out of business, and the part costing more than the “Sugar Rush” video makes in a year, it looks like she’ll soon be unplugged. So Ralph and Vanellope have to figure out how to make money on the internet, and that’s where they meet Yesss (voice or Taraji P. Henson).

Yesss, spelled with three S’s is an algorithm designed to pick up on new trends within the internet, that’s why her fiber optic appearance shifts from scene to scene, as she adjusts her appearance to whatever is currently popular.

Yesss’s idea is to turn Ralph into an internet trend, for that directors Moore and Johnston explain that when they first challenged their animators to come up with with the internet really looks like, the only thing they got were a bunch of cat videos. Ralph becomes popular, but with popularity comes internet trolls and online bullying, which don’t so much break the internet as they do break Ralph’s heart, in a scene where he finally sees what people are saying about him.

The footage screened at Disney Animation assured the audience that Ralph Breaks the Internet is a serious, character-driven animated movie, where the topical humor isn’t the only selling point. Directed by Rich Moore (“Zootopia,” “Wreck-It Ralph”) and PhilJohnston (co-writer “Wreck-It Ralph,” “Zootopia,” writer, “Cedar Rapids”), and produced by Clark Spencer (“Zootopia,” “Wreck-It Ralph,” “Bolt,” “Lilo & Stitch”), “Ralph Breaks theInternet” hits theaters on Nov. 21, 2018.

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