Quincy Brown, agrees with every young person out there, it’s hard to fit in, growing up but is even more difficult to grow up, to try to fit in, when you are the son of famous parents. Quincy Brown, stars in the movie “Dope” a film that has a deeper meaning for him, than we know




Some of you may already know that Kim Porter Diddy’s ex had a son by Al B. Sure and Diddy adopted him. On Christmas, Diddy posted an instagram video of Quincy singing about the cookies for Santa being ready, with the rest of his brother’s singing background.  Not only does Quincy look exactly like his father, but he sounds like him too. Well I think some are surprised to see Quincy in Diddy’s family photos, but Quincy considers Diddy his pops more than Al B. Click below to see an interview from “Sway in the Morning” with Quincy talking about his “dads”!