For all the soccer fans, Pelé: Birth of a Legend Goes To The Big Screen. Originally scheduled to appear in time for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the long-delayed Pelé: Birth of a Legend – the first ever biopic of the soccer legend is finally being released. Co-directed by American brothers Jeff and Michael Zimbalist, and executive produced by Pelé himself, the film unfolds like a superhero origin story crossed with a sporty riff on Slumdog Millionaire.

PELÉ tells the miraculous story of the legendary soccer player’s rise to glory from a young boy, to the 17 year old who scored the winning goal in Brazil’s first ever World Cup victory in 1958. From a life full of disadvantages and an impoverished youth in Brazil, Pelé used his unorthodox yet authentic style of play and his unbeatable spirit to overcome all odds, find greatness and inspire a country that he changed forever.
Under guidance from manager Vicente Feola (Vincent D’Onofrio), young Pelé (Kevin de Paula) utilizes his street soccer skills to lead Brazil to the World Cup in 1958.

Directors: Jeff Zimbalist, Michael Zimbalist
Music composed by: A. R. Rahman
Distributed by: IFC Films
Executive producers: Pelé, Guy East, Damien Saccani, Paul Kemsley
Cast:  Kevin de Paula as Pelé, Seu Jorge, Vincent D’Onofrio, Diego Boneta, Colm Meaney, Seth Michaels, Milton Conclaves, Mariana Nunes, and Rodrigo Santor.
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