Raymond Ochoa who voices Arlo in the new Disney/Pixar animated feature, The Good Dinosaur had a delightful chat with our lovely Holahollywood correspondent, Michelle Vargas.

At just 14 years old, Ochoa is one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth, mature, and fun teenager you will ever meet. Michelle, with her outgoing personality allowed us to get to know him in a more personal level. Did you know Raymond knows how to make tamales? That’s right, not only does he embrace his Hispanic heritage, but he also discussed his dreams, future goals and what has yet to come in his career. He also shared what message he hopes kids will take away from the film. So check this interview out and discover how Raymond Ochoa is not only a good Dinosaur but a good Tamale maker too!

Raymond answered Michelle questions with such joy and honesty and is, very proud and excited to share this film with you, which is now available in Blu-ray/Dvd.


Michelle Vargas is an upcoming journalist and TV personality that covers both Spanish and English media. Michelle started her career as a reporter for a Hispanic National entertainment show, and today she is a freelance reporter for Hola Hollywoodwhile she completes her B.A in Broadcast Journalism and Radio Television and Film.

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