Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch snap their fingers and suddenly Ed Helms loses his pants! But Don’t worry this is all part of the upcoming movie Captain Underpants, that will be playing in theaters June 2nd.  Where Hart and Middleditch play two best friends that would do anything to stay in the same class, even if it means to hypnotize their principal and turn him into a super hero of their own creation; which happens to be the surprising Captain Underpants.

Yeah, guys! Captain Underpants is as surprising and funny as Ed Helms.  Well, he is only brought to live by the voice of Helms.  And according to the writer the way Ed says Tra la la la is not the way he used to picture it in his mind.  I guess that wasn’t the answer Helms was looking for when he asked Dav Pilkey if he did great with the famous “Tra la la la” slogan.  But that was not the funniest part of a conference with Captain Under Pants’s cast, writer, and director.

You guys should have seen when Kevin Hart dare to answer that he sleeps nude, when our host Dulce Osuna asked the cast to describe their underpants they use to go to bed.  Oh! And you would have love to hear the part when Ed Helms jokes around about Kevin not using deodorant, or pants, in the recording studio.  You will probably would have laugh your heart out, when the director commented that Kevin said once he would rather do nudity than singing.


There were also parts where they avoided questions with a joke, as the one I asked about who would they hypnotize if they could do that with someone from our society. They did not dare to answer! So, Thomas Middleditch start laughing and said, he did not know what I was implying but his father would have been one of them, so he liked him. Do you really believe him?! Well, will never know!  They were all making jokes and sharing stories about each other.  It was awesome, just like the movie is! so have some fun and watch the complete press conference below:

Captain Underpants Movie Press Conference with Kevin Hart, Ed Helms, Jordan Peele

!Kevin Hart truena los dedos y Ed Helms se encuera!

Kevin Hart y Thomas Middleditch tienen el poder de que Ed Helms se quite la ropa con tan solo tronar los dedos! Si, amigos, pero solo en la fascinante película Captain Underpants; cuya estrena en los cines este 2 de Junio.  Prepárense para reírse a mas no poder pues Hart y Middleditch le prestan su voz a los traviesos súper amigos Harold Hutchins y George Beard.  Quienes son los causantes de todos los corajes que hace el director de su escuela, Helms, y a quien ellos hipnotizaran, así convirtiéndolo en el Captain Underpants (Capitán Calzoncillos).


Kevin Hart nos comentó que se divirtió mucho haciendo esta película, y que le llegaron a pedir que cantara, pero dijo que eso si no. El director David Soren se carcajeo al oír esto y dijo que era totalmente cierto.  Pues Hart le había dicho a Soren, que el preferia mil veces desnudarse que cantar.  Cosa que confeso que hace al dormir, pues no usa calzoncillos.  Bueno, eso fue lo que Kevin le dijo a nuestra presentadora Dulce Osuna.

Pero Thomas Middleditch no se queda atraz tampoco, pues el talentoso actor y comediante evadió la pregunta que le hicimos sobre a quien el hipnotizaría que sea miembro de nuestra sociedad. Simplemente sonrió y dijo, “francamente no sé a quién te refieres, pero talvez a mi padre; ¡para caerle bien!”  Obviamente estaba jugando y es que en esta conferencia nadie dejo de hacer bromas o de reírse.  Es que estuvo tan o igual de divertida que la película.  Y de por cierto el tra la la la que hace Ed Helms no era como se lo imaginaba el escritor Dav Pilkey, pero les quedo sensacional.  ¡Al final todos dijeron Tra la la la!


Edgar Caballero-Velazquez is a writer, actor and singer whose interest for the arts started at an early age. He has been involved in community theater at the Starlight Theatre in Rockford, Illinois; located in Rock Valley College, institution which he has an associate degree of Arts. His vocal training includes Sheila Vayenas, a former Broadway performer. He is best known for his role “El Maestro de Baile,” in the play “El Burgués Gentil Hombre; a play by Molière and directed by Felipe Cortés.