Karla Souza, protagonist of the film Everybody Loves Somebody, Jaime Camil, Jane’s father; in the TV series Jane the Virgin, and Roberto Orci, producer of Spider Man 2, Transformers, Now You See Me  are awarded for their outstanding work and dedication in the 20th annual Impact Awards Gala presented by The National Hispanic Media Coalition.

In this Gala that honors outstanding contributions to the positive portrayals of Latinos in film and television. Karla Souza looked radiant in a dark green and black gown that matched her beautiful eyes.  She took the stand to received her Impact Award for outstanding performance in the television series How To Get Away With Murder and promised the Hispanic community that she would do her best to tell our stories; since she was disappointed of the Oscars, for not having any Hispanic representation of talent in their nominations this year.

Jaime Camil received an Impact Award from for his outstanding Performance in the Television Series Jane the Virgin, where he portrays Jane’s father Rogelio de la Vega.  Camil besides appreciating the award, he also used his voice to sing us a song we should all learn to sing!  Of course this is just a figure of speech to describe the message he sent to the world, he talked about the importance of treating each other as human beings not matter our religion, sexual orientation, race, etc.   Jaime not only wins an award for being a talented actor and singer but for being a role model for society in general.  He wins our respect and hearts, well, he already had the hearts of all of you who have crazy dreams with him!  Of course there is nothing wrong with that either!


Jaime Camil talks Jane The Virgin and feeling proud to represent Latinos in Hollywood with dignity

Roberto Orci who was awarded with the Visionary Impact Award, was accompanied by the hand of her sister Taylor Orci. He dropped a bomb! For now, we can only tell you that Tom Cruise will be working with him!

Roberto Orci will work with Tom Cruise, is he his future brother in law?

This Gala was decorated with a sky full of stars! Yeah, my friends! Stars that shine in the world of entertainment and came to celebrate the impact of Hispanic heritage in the fascinating cyber space of movies, television, and other things!

We, your friends from Hola Hollywood, while trying not to burn ourselves with so much starts were also able to talk to some of the proud audience before the Gala. Personalities as Gloria Calderon Kellet, Craig Gerber, Silvia Olivas, Todd Grinnell, Isabella Gomez, Lisa Vidal, Christina Vidal, Juan Pablo Espinosa, Rick Najera among others came to congratulate their friends and Colleagues and some of them also received an award!

The beautiful and talented Gloria Kellet, Executive producer of One Day at a Time, talked about how it is possible for someone to make into the world of entertainment without knowing anybody, being herself a proud Hispanic role model. Her show, that plays in Netflix, was awarded for Outstanding Comedy Series!

The writer Rick Najera, best known for the show East los High gave hope to all of those fellow dreamers who want to do something that seems impossible, he shared with us that he used to be depressed and lived in her mother’s basement before he became successful.  So, do not give up dreamers! Everything is possible!

Craig Gerber, Creator of Disney’s animated series Elena of Avalor and Silvia Olivas also, head writer and Co-producer of Elena of Avalor, shared their views of being involved in the creation of the first Hispanic Princess.  While receiving the award for Outstanding Animated Series, Olivas touched our hearts when she confessed that working on the first Disney’s Latina princess was a dream come true.  It was something she wanted to do since she was a little kid!  That proves that perseverance is the key to success!

And don’t worry my friends this is not all! Hola Hollywood will be bringing you more of what happened in this marvelous Gala, this is just the beginning!

For more interviews with celebrities that attended the Impact Awards Gala, please go to youtube.com/dulceosuna