Who doesn’t want to look like Angelina Jolie? Many people believe she is one of the world’s most beautiful women. If you really want to look like Angelina, you’ve got to start with confidence, so find some confidence in yourself and it will possible for you to look like Angelina too! What is also admirable from her, is that she she manages to always look natural and glamorous no matter what the occasion. Those big, expressive eyes and the voluptuous lips contribute to her overall good looks, but any woman can copy her style with a few tricks.

The Eyes

Angelina Jolie’s eyes don’t always look all that made up. If you look closely, though, you’ll generally see expertly applied liner and shadows in colors that blend into her skin.



Get the Look

1. Begin with a base. Urban Decay Primer Potion is an excellent choice.

2. Choose an eye shadow shade that matches your skin tone but offers just a touch of shimmer. Sweep that on from your lashes to your brow.

3. Use a technique called tight-lining to get the look of lush lashes and a natural appearance. Line the inner rims of your lashes rather than simply above and below the lashes. Use a pencil, gel or cake liner.

4. Finish up with some mascara of your choice

angelina jolie face lips


Jolie usually doesn’t go for boldly colored lips, with those lips, she does not need it; She normally wears a natural or a nude look instead.Her lips look gorgeous and seductive.

MAC Cosmetics makes a crowd-pleasing shade called Blankety; it has a creamy finish and not too much of any undertone. Other good ones to try: Clinique Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick in Glow Bronze or MAC Kinda Sexy.

To give pump up your lips, try applying foundation or a light concealer to your lips prior to lipstick application.

angelina jolie natural


The Face

Angelina Jolie always looks fresh-faced, so mineral makeup is a good route to try. If you’re not a fan of those, try Estee Lauder Double Wear, Revlon Colorstay or Maybelline Superstay Silky Foundation.

Get the Look

Use a bronzer right below your cheekbones, on your temples, at your hairline and under your chin. To Blend well (blending downward) to avoid harsh lines.

Make your features pop further with a natural flush of color on your cheeks. Add the blush on the apples of your cheeks, along the bridge of your nose and in the middle of your forehead. Try benefit, for a more natural Finish color.

Choose something matte or satin in finish for the foundation. You don’t want to look too “done”