As Father’s day approaches, I wanted to recognize How Life Changes After Becoming a Father, the effort and hard work they put into raising their children. When I first became pregnant with my first child I had high expectations from my now husband. But I have to admit he has surpassed them and he really is the best father to our children.

I’ve heard from many people who have both, boys and girls that fathers are usually closer to their daughter, myth or truth? who knows. But what I do know is that my husband loves both of our kids equally even though he is definitely closer to our daughter than our son.

I used to also hear that mothers worked double shifts, one at work and one as soon as they got home from work. Why? because moms have to make dinner, clean, give the kids a bath, put them to sleep etc. but this is not completely true anymore. Yes, moms do all of this, but this is 100 % true for dads as well. Fathers are now involved equally in most households, they shower the kids, the cook and work long hours.

In my case my husband is sometimes even more dedicated with the kids than myself. As I was recently trying to finish school, I would come home past midnight from long hours of editing. My husband worked 12-hour shifts and still came home to cook, shower the kids, put them to bed etc.

Fathers I want you to know you are as valuable to a family as mothers are, and with that said here are some of the the ways your life changes after becoming a father. (at least in the millennial era)

  1. You have to learn to do your daughter’s hair, sometimes a ponytail will do. But Pinterest has great tutorials if you have some spare time.
  2. Your two-door car or motorcycle won’t fly anymore. Unless you want to struggle every time you have to fit in a carseat. About the motorcycle, uDate h let’s not even talk about it.
  3. Moms can’t do it all, sometimes getting up for night feedings are all you. No matter how “deep” your sleep is.
  4. You have to accept the fact that singing “Let it Go” will become part of your daily life. You will even find yourself singing it in your head at work sometimes.
  5. Watching Football might have to wait, Finding Nemo is a better choice. Kids usually stop crying with any Disney movie.
  6. Sleeping in will be a thing of the past. Especially when your kids are jumping on your bed super early in the morning because “the sun’s out”.
  7. You will discover a different kind of love, you know the one where you want to kiss your kids 24/7 and tickle them and annoy the hell out of them by doing it.
  8. You will think your kids’ laughter is the cutest thing in the world.
  9. You will be bumping Disney Jams almost all the time in your car.
  10. Body fluids won’t disgust you anymore, I mean it’s just pee, your baby’s pee.
  11. Your daughter will make you play house at some point. You will have to pretend to drink tea and all that good stuff.
  12. You will eventually build a fort in your living room, it’s not just a thing that happens in movies. You really will have to build one.
  13. Your idea of a day off from work will change from hanging out with the boys, to going to Disneyland.
  14. You will work 100 times harder because no matter what kind of father you are you want the best for your kids.

How Life Changes After Becoming a Father

Happy father’s day to all the great dads.

Here are some of the coolest pictures of dads out there with their kids.


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