We’ve all seen the classic french tip nails, or the cute manicure with a flower in the ring finger; but if you want to take your nails to the next level you need, I repeat N-E-E-D to check out the new chrome style. Hottest New Trend for 2017: Chrome Nails

Chrome? Huh? that was my first reaction when I first heard one of my coworkers at the office talk about it. Of course, as a must-know-it-all journalist, I ran after work to check this out.

Here is what I found doing my research: They are freaking A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. 


Yes, they are the “New Thing” and they will make heads turn (or maybe it was just me )  anyway.. here is the truth about it:

Extra Money? Yes, if you want to rock this new trendy look on your nails, you will have to reach out to the bottom of your purse to find at least an extra $10 dollar bill. Chrome nails are more pricey than regular or even gel nails. Why? here’s my theory: they take more work as the manicurist has to  rub the powder on each nail. And of course the main reason? they’re freakin’ cool, so you gotta go the extra mile!

Not a Real Polish? Yes and No, for those of us who have experimented with this style, we know you have to choose a base coat. (ex black, white, gray) then the loose chrome powder goes on top. The powder will be rubbed onto the nail and finished with a clear top. (it’s really amazing to see how the powder turns yours nails into this mirror-look)

They Peel Off Faster – Opposed to regular gel nails, the chrome is a powder that will peel off eventually. If you work with your hands on a regular basis or you like to bite your nails (guilty) the powder will come off. Also using a black coat polish under the powder will make this peel off faster? why? it’s still a mistery. Tip: use dark gray instead.

This chrome style will be the #hottesttrend for this summer!









Colors may go from fun and colorful to fancy and classy!


Not only that but this mirror-looking nails have become the new thing in Insta and Twitter!

Like I mentioned before, I have now joined the #chromenailclub check out my own nails below, and if you do decide to go with this trend, don’t forget to share with us on Insta, we would love to see!