It puts you in the center of the action!”Hostile Planet” Six-part Series Premieres Monday, April 1, at 9/8c

According to Executive Producer Tom Hugh-Jones (Planet Earth II), it’s just the tiniest taste of what it was like shooting this visually arresting series—except the intrepid camera crews and producers weren’t sipping mimosas on a balmy 70-degree day in March off the coast of Malibu as they waited for the animals to show themselves. It took months of preparation followed by weeks of tracking various species, all to capture that perfect unexpected shot. They endured the same extreme conditions as the animals, for more than 1,300 days of filming, on all seven continents. Out of the resulting 1,800 hours of footage came the six segments of Hostile Planet, each focusing on a distinctive biome: “Mountains,” “Oceans,” “Grasslands,” “Jungles,” “Deserts,” and “Polar.”

“The old traditional way was pretty much a voiceover being illustrated with images,” said Executive Producer Guillermo Navarro. “Here, the visual language is what takes over. It’s a much more immersive experience. That’s the basic use of film language, how the power of an image can build emotion and connectivity. You can actually build a sequence and have an emotional connection with the journey of the species.”

Navarro won an Oscar for his cinematography in the 2006 film, Pan’s Labyrinth, and has worked on many more Hollywood hits, including the first two Hellboy films with director Guillermo del Toro. The biggest difference between producing Hostile Planet and Navarro’s usual work for film and television: he doesn’t have any control over the animals. “They don’t obey you here,” he said. “There’s a lot of luck involved in getting the right shots.”

And wow, did they luck into some amazing footage. The filmmakers captured Arctic wolves hunting a herd of muskox—the first time such a kill has been filmed—and a determined jaguar taking down a very large caiman along a jungle river bank. We get to see rare underwater shots of orca whales on a speedy hunt, and a jaw-dropping segment showing a snow leopard pouncing on its ibex prey, only to tumble several hundred feet down a steep, rocky hillside. It never lets go of its prey, and a few days later, it’s back on the hunt.

This is not your mother’s nature series! Don’t miss it, premieres tonight Monday, April 1, at 9/8c

Six-part Series Premieres Monday, April 1, at 9/8c

Hostile Planet, a six-part series executive produced by Academy Award-winning cinematographer and director Guillermo Navarro (“Pan’s Labyrinth”), Emmy-nominated producer Martha Holmes (“The Blue Planet”), Emmy Award-winning Tom Hugh-Jones (“Planet Earth II”), BAFTA winner Delbert Shoopman (“The Island”) and BAFTA winner Bear Grylls (“The Island”), draws attention to the most extraordinary — almost supernatural — accounts of animals that have adapted to the cruelest evolutionary curveballs. Hosted by survivalist and adventurer Grylls, Hostile Planet zooms in on the world’s most extreme environments to reveal the animal kingdom’s epic stories of survival on this fast and continuously changing planet. This is a drama told in an intimate manner with innovative camera technology and a lens that captures several first-ever behaviors. Each titular episode spotlights a unique environment – mountains, oceans, grasslands, jungles, deserts and polar – to navigate the brutal conditions endured by some of the most complex, unrelenting and awe-inspiring species on the planet. As animals face an overwhelming host of challenges including punishing weather, intense competition for resources and constant predator-vs.-prey conflict, life still finds a way.