Help treat anxiety with aromatherapy the all natural way. Taking the heavy weight of stress and anxiety off your shoulders can be as simple as getting lost in the smell of  the essential oils listed bellow.  Aromatherapy can help you manage a wide variety of ailments including anxiety and stress in an all natural sustainable way. . Here are the top 3  most effective aromatherapy oils used to keep you calm and cool:


Lavender oil has a soft and relaxing smell. Adding a few drops of lavender oil to your bath will make you feel like you are in a luxurious relaxing spa. Lavender scent can be found on everything from perfumes to deodorants.

Wild Orange
This lively essential oil will make you believe in happiness at first sniff. This scent can brighten your mood and cheer you up almost instantly.
This citrus like scent is great to relive tension and stress, while helping you get a restful night of sleep. From personal experience, I was able to reduce stress induced migraine pain by applying a couple of drops of bergamot on the back of my neck.
In today’s world we can all easily walk into a stressful situation  and/or relationship, so next time you are feeling anxious and stressed out, give these lovely scents a try. Happy sniffing everyone!