The health and beauty benefits of drinking water are outstanding. We have all heard at one time or another throughout our lives about the importance of drinking water, but are we doing it? For most of us the answer to this question can be somewhere between “sometimes” or “rarely.” I hope that after reading this article your answer will change to a strong “always.”

Here are few of the reasons why drinking water is so important for your overall health, well-being, and beauty:

For Heart Health and Body Detoxification
Drinking water helps you flush out toxins out of your body. Cleaning your blood stream and system as a whole.  Keeping your body hydrated helps you keep a healthy heart because your blood maintains a perfect consistency. When you are dehydrated cells from your vital organs take water from your blood putting added pressure to your heart.

For Weight Loss
A study was presented in 2010 at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society showing that people who drank an 8 oz glass of water before breakfast, lunch and dinner consumed 75 to 90 calories less then the people who did not drink water before meals. After 3 months into the study the people who drank more water lost an average of 4.5 pounds more than those who didn’t.  The explanation to this outcome is simple. People drinking a glass of water before meals got fuller quicker and therefore ate less. So incorporating a regular consumption of water into your daily routine can help keep you leaner and healthier.

For Beautiful Skin
A hydrated body shows beautiful hydrated skin, so it is easy to see why drinking water is so beneficial for your skin. Beauty from the inside out starts with a healthy hydrated body. Your glowing beautiful clear complexion is only a few glasses of water away.

So next time you try to reach for your favorite soda or juice to quench your thirst how about doing your body good and just drink delicious life saving water. Let’s lift up our glasses of water and propose a toast for our healthy bodies inside and out!