If you have wondered how would it be to get into the mind of the cast of MindGamers, film that is now in theaters, Hola Hollywood brings you as close as anybody can get to the minds of these talented actors and actresses! We had the fortune of being able to interview Antonia Campbell Hughes, Oliver Stark and Tom Payne.  Although we had rather connect them to a neurotechnology system, such as one thousand people from the audience were able to experience in the premiere of this movie in March 28th, we certainly had the chance to ask them questions that give us a closer look of what is going on in their brain!

Antonia Campbell Hughes who portrays Agnes, a character with a rare intuitive intelligence who did not obtain her place at the DxM Academy through academic brilliance, shared that her role in this movie has a certain interest in immortality.   And who doesn’t right?! Can you imagine to live forever?!  We also found out that Antonia’s character had to be re-imagine by the writers since her audition went differently that expected.  She is so awesome! And she looks so cool and mysterious wearing a pair of wings, while she walks towards the edge of a building in the preview of this marvelous film.

Another role that surprised us was the one play by Oliver Stark; he does not look like his character in real life at all! He doesn’t have black her and has a completely different behavior!  That can tell us he is really good in what he does!  When we ask him how would he feel if someone could download all the skills that he has been able to accomplish in years in a matter of minutes, he said it was ok!   That he was not worry at all, even though this could mean that competition will no longer be fair!  He laughed and told us that we can always find other ways to motivate ourselves!


We also had the chance to talk to Tom Payne, who gives live to the character of Jaxon.  We ask him if his character was categorized as innocent and he answered that he could had been innocent at the beginning of the film. What is that supposed to mean?!  His character seemed to be the head of the project these talented students of DxM Academy are working on.  We, also, dare to ask him he would be able to get into one of his family members brain who would be? He laughed and answered that there are things we are better off without knowing; that is why he wouldn’t dare to do that.

According to the cast, most of their characters are into this game because they have some kind of self-interest.  Unfortunately, as you will see in this film, they are part of a much a bigger plan of someone whose interest in using this technology might not be for the good of humanity.

We invite you to see more about what these talented cast talked to us about at Hola Hollywood via Facebook and we dare you to go see this exciting film!  MindGamers, now in theaters!  Don’t miss it, it comes with a good message for your soul and has an unexpected twist!