The world of fashion videography is evolving and changing as many videographers find their own aesthetic. Fashion Videography focuses on portraiture, posing, extensive lighting, and beautiful locations. In this diverse genre, lighting, clothing and hair and makeup might be as important as the camera itself. If you’re interested in learning all about fashion videography, keep reading because we will learn more about it with Ferid Hasbun style, Fashion Videographer and Camera Specialist in Hollywood

Dulce Osuna:
Hi Ferid! We’ve worked on various projects together as Camera Operator
and Videographer. I know you specialize in camera work for film, but
also something very unique is your work as Fashion Videographer. How
where your first steps in this direction?

Ferid Hasbun:
Honestly, I’ve always liked the dramatic aspect you find in fashion
photography, but I only discovered it through the years working behind
the camera and narrowing my interests.

Last year, I reached out to magazines and agencies to shoot behind the
scenes videos for them and I’ve been increasing my work as fashion
videographer since then.

I still work as a Camera Specialist in the film industry, which involves
1st and 2nd Camera Assistant, plus Camera Operator, but simultaneously
I’ve increased my work as Photo Assistant in fashion strengthening my
expertise behind the camera.

Dulce Osuna:
How would you describe your style?

Ferid Hasbun:
Elegant and storytelling.

It’s important to me to capture the elegance of the moment. This could
be a soft look towards the camera, or a gracious movement of a dress.
At the same time, I think of various technical aspects, like composition,
lens choices, and camera movement to tell a story.

Dulce Osuna:
Your fashion videos feel more like an actual film. Why is that?

Ferid Hasbun:
I did study filmmaking and story structure is something I appreciate. I
try incorporating that in my videos. I also have the advantage of the
skills I’ve acquired working in film as a Camera Specialist and getting
to work closely with vintage lenses, filtration, and great
cinematographers, which certainly have given me the ability to make my
videos look cinematic.

Dulce Osuna:
Is there something you want to achieve as fashion videographer?

Ferid Hasbun:
Certainly! My eventual goal would be to shoot fashion and beauty
commercials for established brands like Dior, Vogue, or Guess. That would
be amazing!

But for now, I’m taking step by step and focusing on increasing my
clients and perfecting my style. I also just upgraded my entire equipment
with a new camera, new lenses, and an additional gimbal, and so now I’m
working on establishing new collaborations.

You can find and follow Ferid’s work on his website
and if you want to know more about him, follow him on Instagram